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Bakemaster addon for Blender (2022). Скачать торрент

Bakemaster addon for Blender
Название Bakemaster addon for Blender
Разработчик kemplerart

Welcome to BakeMaster, a powerful and feature-packed baking solution created for Blender.

Along with the BakeMaster's intuitive and convenient workflow baking process becomes a pleasure. The addon is for users who can't stand wasting time and yearn for most functionality with professional and cutting-edge baking features.

With it, baking feels like a new book. Everything is right in your hands, under control, and easy to access and configure. Created by artists, BakeMaster is straightforward and comfortable to use, yet lands with numerous tweaks and toggles to fully meet your ultimate texture baking preferences.

Baking with BakeMaster takes only three steps:

Setup Objects
Choose Maps
Hit Bake!
An unlimited number of objects and maps to bake, each driven by unique or grouped settings - carry it all out with BakeMaster!

Why creators choose BakeMaster
Baking standardly with Blender is ok. But what about baking dozens of models with a desire to have different settings, maps, masks, or view how baked maps will look like, make sure your objects have a correct shading set up, perform a Channel Pack, or any other highly requested task? It can easily lead to losing valuable time. Here is when BakeMaster comes into play. It can manage all of that in seconds and with a few clicks!

Have complex materials? Never worry about the nodes again: toggle a couple of settings, and BakeMaster will configure it all for you. Are Cycles maps gone? Not just yet - simple UI and manageable settings make it feel cool.

For whom is BakeMaster
Whether you come from Game Dev, prepare and texture your models, or bake for fun, BakeMaster is for you.The addon fits beginners as well as proficient users. Comfortable creation tools saving you time and making your artistic thoughts never jump out of the boat are vital.


Скачать Bakemaster addon for Blender торрентом, от издателя kemplerart бесплатно. 3D модели, сцены и материалы раздается в и общим весом файла 141 KB. Больше 3D моделей, сцен и материалов вы найдете на нашем сайте progexe.ru в соответствующем разделе.
Размер файла:  141 KB 

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