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Сэмплы INFINITE Production Suite. Скачать торрент

INFINITE Production Suite
Название INFINITE Production Suite
Разработчик Moonboy
Качество 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

The Ultimate Production Suite для продюсеров хаус музыки
Infinite: Production Suite
Официальный MOONBOY Production Suite - Самое высокое качество работы, которую я когда-либо создавал!

I’ve spent day and night experimenting with new sounds & techniques - aiming to create a whole new library of sounds for House Music that are not only just the most popular but also sounds that have NEVER been done before!

With the next wave of House Music in mind, I've created the most powerful tools to make massive productions in ALL STYLES!

This is the ultimate collection of High Quality Presets, Tools, & Sounds for Bass House, Tech House, Melodic House & even Dubstep/Trap!

Not only will owning INFINITE give you access to tools to make the most INSANE House Music. It will also help you innovate and create a whole new sound to ANY Genre & Style you create!

INFINITE contains HUGE library of sounds & presets that will instantly bring a NEW sound & innovate new ideas in your productions.

You will find over 2000+ High Quality sounds & loops as well as incredible bonuses! From the most mind-bending Synths Presets to full-length professional song project files, to even beautiful lush Studio Acapellas! There is no limit to what you can create with INFINITE!

Easy drag and drop files to instantly make INSANE drops - fully customizable to make unique and your own!

Learn professional sound design techniques by reverse engineering these presets & project files.

BONUS 1 + 2
$200 Value!
Visceral & Eternal
For Xfer Serum
Presets for one of the most powerful Synthesizer Plugins: Xfer Serum.

Over 150 Professional Presets at your fingertips.

Through years of experience in bass music & songwriting I've created a collection of innovative Presets that bring energy! From Bedrooms to Festival Stages.

Eternal: Go-to resource for lush leads, tech house grooves, & pads. These synths will immediately give your melodies & rhythms life.

Visceral: Powerful Leads & Basses that will create the heaviest drops & hooks to bring out the best in your ideas.

Great for House, Dubstep & Trap!

Compatible with Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro, All DAWS.

$700 Value!
ELEMENTS Project Files
Bringing the Power of Infinite straight to your DAW!

Compatible with Ableton Live 10-11 & FL Studio.
Stems & Video Breakdown included for all DAWS.

The Absolute best way to learn how to build, sound design, & finish amazing songs!

5 Professional made full songs to immediately get ideas
Learn from professional industry standard songwriting & drop techniques! - I have created the ultimate collection of Project FIles.

From Bass House anthems, to Tech House HIts, to Melodic House!

These project files have been also made to be modular, use parts at will for your own productions or build off the vibe & replace elements to create your own music!

$100 Value!
ACID Tech House Sample Pack
Tech House is one of the most versatile genres in electronic music. While minimal in nature, the complexity is in the groove, rhythm & vibe.

I've created the catchiest & dance ready grooves, a vast variety of drum styles & percussive elements, as well as FX & LEADS inspired by the massive house hits that dominated beatport and radio charts.

ACID Sample Pack gives you a full range of sounds to create the next hit from scratch.

Simply Drag and drop, adjust to your liking & you will be able to make professional tech house productions in minutes.

Through years of studying electronic music I've always been excited about Tech House so I'm thrilled to share with you this pack.

$100 Value!
GROOVE - Dance Vocals
GROOVE contains a full range of Vocal Hooks, Acapellas, One Shorts, Loops & Ambience.

I've built a team of vocalists to create high quality dance vocals to enhance music productions & even become the main hook leading a hit song!

Inside you will find styles ranging from Melodic Acapellas to Energetic vocal chops to even RnB Hooks for Tech House!

Recorded with House Music in mind these are incredibly versatile and can be flipped chopped & skewed to match your style.


Скачать сэмплы INFINITE Production Suite в ALS, FLP, MiDi, SERUM, WAV формате торрентом, от издателя Moonboy бесплатно. Сэмплы раздается в качестве 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo и общим весом файла 12.72 GB. Больше сэмплов вы найдете на нашем сайте progexe.ru в соответствующем разделе.
Размер файла:  12.72 GB 

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